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Atlas Orthogonal

The Atlas vertebra, also called the C1 vertebra, is the first vertebra in the spine. It is the one that holds up the head and is named for the Greek figure who supported the world on his shoulders. The word "orthogonal" means perpendicular, or 90 degrees. This technique focuses on correcting the position of the Atlas vertebra in order that the head can sit on a level foundation, creating 90 degree angles between the Atlas and the skull.

Specific x-rays are taken and analyzed to diagnose the position of the Atlas, and a special adjusting table is used to correct the atlas. It utilizes a compression wave force at a specific 3-D vector to shift the position of the Atlas, which is imperceptible during the adjustment.

Correcting the Atlas can cause changes to any area of the body because of its relationship to the brain and all of the spinal nerves as well as several other important structures.

To locate an Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor in another part of the country or world, visit > Patients Enter Here > Find a Doctor. Click on the state or country in which you wish to search.

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